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Wedding Inquiry Form

Thank you so much for inquiring about wedding details! Before I send you a quote, I would first love to know if we are a good match. If there are certain things that you are unsure about, try and give it your best guess and then explain everything in the comments portion.

PS. I do not respond to incomplete or passive inquiries. If you are interested in a vendor, you should treat them with professionalism and respect.

I also respect your identity (and the identity of your partner) and would be so appreciative if you listed your pronoun of choice. If no pronoun is listed, I may just revert to using they/them pronouns until I am given the preferred ones.

I will also be moving off of O'ahu in July of 2023. Therefore, I will not be taking on any weddings in Hawai'i after that time.

Thank you for understanding!


Thanks so much! I will be contacting you by email shortly.

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