Mexico + More Sessions!

Hola amigos! I am back from my Cancun adventure with Kait and I am TAN (not as tan as Kait...but still tan). So, basically, mission accomplished. We had an absolute blast and I am head over heels for the Caribbean. There is not too much to say about the trip since this was my first time spending a majority of the vacation just chilling at a resort. Honestly, it was much needed and I am happy that we did not overstimulate ourselves. Typically my vacations consist of renting a car and squeezing in as much as possible within a small window of time because that lingering thought always prevails..."You are only in (insert cool place here) once!!!!"

Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break and literally VACATION.

We did go on one tour, though, and it was amazing. If you guys want to do some fun things with trustworthy and friendly guides, look to Ocean Tours. They were informative and professional. Just be totally prepared to have your picture taken the ENTIRE time. You have the option of purchasing your photos at the end of the tour (every photo..not just the ones of you), and it comes on a flash-drive for $40 USD. We were not aware of this ahead of time, but were able to run into our resort at the end of the tour and grab some cash. They were incredibly flexible with us and we appreciated that. They offer multiple tours; we did the 3-in-1 tour with Tulum and snorkeling in cenotes and in the ocean. The ocean was too rough for us, though, so we had to snorkel in a lagoon, which was equally cool but the ocean snorkeling would have involved sea turtles (cries). I don't have the photos from the cenotes yet, but that was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done. If you are not sure what a cenote is, it is basically a cave. IT WAS AWESOME and dark. So if they are taking photos anyways, don't waste your time worrying about your camera or phone the whole time. Enjoy the moment and just pay for the photos at the end. They're actually not that bad (if you look at the photos provided in this blog, the one from the tour is our snorkeling shot).

Otherwise, we ate good food and lounged by the beautiful Royal Caribbean resort. Everyone who works there is absolutely wonderful and so helpful. When a huge lightning storm hit our beach one night during dinner, our waiter took the time to take us through the kitchen and down through a passage way under the resort to get us to the lobby without getting wet. It was the most generous gesture. He could have totally let us just walk a few feet in the rain.

Also, a tip! Don't look at the weather forecast when going anywhere tropical. Forecasts lie and will make you anxious before you go. Our forecast was 100% storms all week and it stormed night and then a little in the morning and then cleared up like nothing happened.

I actually had sessions before and after my trip, which both involved such lovely clients. Little Harleigh was actually one of my very first newborns and now she is all grown up! Both of these sessions involved some amazing toddlers. I am blown away by little ones sometimes and all of the quirks that are stitched into their personalities. And nothing is better than when I get hugs and kisses at the end of our little picture adventure together!

As always, thank you all for reading up on the things that I do and thank you to my amazing friends and clients for hanging out with me and allowing me to capture your beautiful faces!

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