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So this was my last wedding of the Spring season and I am amazed that so much time has flown by! Summer weddings are fast approaching, though, and I am just bracing myself because it is getting HOT. This last wedding was in the 100s...and I am just dreading what June will look like. But, once again, and I will say this ten-million times, we work with what we are given.

This was my first time shooting at Fox Hollow, but, let's be real, most North Carolina wedding venues are first-timers for me. It is so much fun exploring new locations and finding what works and what doesn't. Fox Hollow was pretty easy to navigate; everything is very close. This can be a good and bad thing (there is no where to hide anyone) but we were able to find some gorgeous gems. The property is also for sale, you guys, so if you are looking to become venue owners, look them up!

This was also my very first time shooting fireworks, which, honestly, I was terrified about. There are a lot of components that go into shooting portraits in-front of fireworks. For someone who does not work with a second-shooter, I think I did a decent job for my first time. Rather than using an off-camera flash, I just used a video light on a stand and, hey, it did the trick! It also cost like 90% cheaper than getting another flash. I'm not one for making blogs about how-to's, but if you are a newby like me when it comes to fireworks, make sure you read up ahead of time and prepare yourself. You may decide to take some more hard-core routes than I did, but you will need a wide-angle lens, you WILL need some type of flash/light off to the side (45 degree angle, if you want to be specific), and you will need to set your shutter speed down looooow. You want to get some streaks from the fireworks! This means you will need to talk to your couple ahead of time. They can hardly move. Tell them (before the fireworks start) to alternate every 30 seconds from looking at the fireworks to looking at each other. Also, get your settings locked in at the beginning of the show. You will want everything down pat before the "finally" starts. Unfortunately our show didn't have any huge moments, but I digress.

In a week I will be heading to the beach so hopefully I will be totally tan the next time you guys see me. Expect a blog about my trip!

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