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Too many pictures to post and just not enough time. But hey! At least you only have to read one blog! Two birds with one stone, right?

I've got one more wedding and then I can focus on small sessions and then Mexico! I am so ready to get burnt, you have no idea (I am TRYING to work on a base-tan, but I still think I am doomed). Either way, I am excited to check out a new place with a dear friend. And oh my, can you just imagine the photos that will follow?? Philip and I just got back from our anniversary trip where we explored Asheville, NC, for two days. We crammed in as much as we could: hikes with waterfalls, drinking so much cider we could fall over, and seeing the Biltmore for the first (and probably last) time. The place was gorgeous, but not worth the hype and definitely not worth the price. Our short trip was marvelous, though, and we're heading into two years of marriage with nothing but excitement.

Enough about me, though, lets talk about weddings!

The first on the docket actually took place back in April. I am obsessed with Jackie and Jon; they are both so in love with one another and were too much fun to hang with. Their bridal parties were also some of my favorite people as well and I have never seen such helpful bridesmaids! That is literally what bridesmaids are for -- being helpers for the bride but sometimes my little helpers as well. I sometimes take on too much at weddings (because I am a micro-manager) and it is such a relief when bridesmaids step in to aid me. To past and future bridesmaids who have made my life so much easier, I love you. You are goddesses.

Although the sun was high in the sky, we were still able to make this wedding *work*. The venue was the Lu Mil Vineyards in Elizabethtown, NC, which makes this my very first vineyard wedding. *Shocker, I know*

As far as the bridal portraits go, I actually took those on a separate date in downtown Fayetteville. This was truly where I got to know Jackie's out-going and sassy personality! I think that is the best part of this job; getting to meet so many wonderful characters.

The second wedding took place on Cinco de Mayo! This was a back-yard wedding for Brooke and Bryan, who were able to turn their home into a wonderful little venue. Everything was so thought-out and sweet! It just proves that you do not need a huge venue or 400+ guests to make a wedding. All you need are the people who mean the most to you and TENTS (which are life-savers, guys). Jokes aside, this small-wedding was totally different from your normal event and I am here for it. They also did not have a bridal party, which is something that I honestly think is a fantastic idea. I love my bridesmaids and I know how great it is to have your ladies there to support you, but TBH I can see the appeal of just skipping that tradition. You/your friends save time, money, and probably stress (because there is always some type of drama). I am just stating my honest opinion, everyone. Having bridesmaids/groomsmen is awesome, and not having them is equally awesome. But as Brooke and Bryan's wedding showcased, you have a lot more time for partying when you have less people to worry about! Which is always a plus no matter which way you look at it.

OH AND THEY HAD A FOOD TRUCK. Shout out to CockADoodleMoo for their incredibly tasty food! If you guys are ever looking for a food truck in Raleigh, look out for these guys. They are the sweetest people and their chicken and waffles are to DIE for.

Brooke's bridal portraits were also done on a separate date and were done at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh. I am obsessed with this place (you will be seeing it quite a bit) because not only is it free, but it has so many gorgeous spots to shoot. Hence why it is so popular among the photographers in the area. I feel like we are playing a game of hide and seek whenever I'm there. We are all dodging one another and trying not to get into one another's shots. It is quite hilarious. Brooke's hair comb and bouquet were both created by Pine and Petal Weddings, who specialize in wooden flowers! They are so cute and are such a great idea for those who want to save their flowers forever. I love my real flowers, but these are too awesome.

PS prepare for then thousand ring shots because I love them all.

If you read this entire thing, I commend you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

A HUGE thank you to the couples mentioned in this blog. You guys are so wonderful and I wish you all the most loving and fun marriages!

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