Spring Portrait Sessions!

I cannot believe that May is here! As the pollen rolls through like tumbleweeds, I am just so happy to see everything turning green! My dead-looking trees are back to life and it makes me wiggle with joy. I LOVE SPRING. Can't say that enough.

With Spring comes the gorgeous sessions. As I freaked out about in my last blog, all portrait locations just come to life, which give photos an extra POP! It also makes the session time more bearable for clients because they aren't freezing and they aren't sweating (yet...). The bugs can get a bit overwhelming to some, so I always encourage bringing their preferred brand of bug spray if we are going off the grid for our venue choice.

Over the last few weeks, I have been doing my normal thing but this weekend I had a break from wedding-weekends and did two lovely sessions: one family session and one newlywed/couples session.

Originally, we were supposed to use the Weymouth Center for the Arts, but they turned out to have the entire property closed off for a private event (word to the wise, always call rather than checking the venue's website). But luckily, we were able to swing over to the Pinehurst Resort without taking off any time from the session! I tried to avoid any of the prom groups that were there and tried not to disturb any of the guests who were staying there. So we stayed off the trodden path for the most part. But you would be surprised at the gems you can find. The Bell family was so flexible and kind throughout the entire venue mishap and throughout my exploration of the venue. Their little one was the biggest trooper, though. For a two and a half year old, his attitude was incredible. Of course, we had to keep moving, but that is nothing new!

Honestly, two year olds are just going to do what they wanna do.

When Sunday rolled around, I headed to Raleigh to hang with some newlyweds! This is where I found out that the world is a whole lot smaller than I thought, because one of them lived in Dinwiddie, Virginia for a few years! How crazy is that! Normally, most do not know where Dinwiddie is. Even people in Virginia don't know where it is. So it made my day to compare stories and hear familiar names from my hometown. This was just the beginning of a fun session with these two, who were just all giggles. I love it when couples just have outgoing and enjoyable personalities! These two are going to have such a fun marriage.

A giant thank you to these two families for allowing me to capture their love! You were all so much fun to hang out with!

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