Topping, VA, Wedding + Easter Weekend

Hey everyone!

I am finally able to sit down and catch you all up on what I have been up to. I'm currently on "Spring Break", which is really just the time frame between the course I just finished and the one I am starting next week. So, what are my plans? I have successfully deep-cleaned my home and I am SO happy. I was also able to go thrifting with an amazing human-being (hi, Allie!) and explore some shops in Benson, NC, which I always pass on the way to VA but never had the time to walk around. Other than the typical school and work stuff, I have also completed a wedding and some smaller sessions in between. I will also be posting blogs on the wedding and engagement session I have this weekend! So blogs are happening, ladies and gents.

Although I am progressively spending less and less time back in the 804, I still feel like I am visiting a lot? How does that work? This past weekend was Easter weekend, and I got to spend some quality time with family. Best part was playing back-to-back Mario Kart, not going to lie. But I was finally able to see my nieces enjoy some Easter egg hunting and looking absolutely doll-like in their Easter dresses. So, of course, I will be showing them off in this blog!

First things first is the wedding that I had the privilege to shoot in Toppings, VA. The lovely bride and groom decided to keep their wedding in the down low, which means that I will be respecting their choice of not having their faces or names on social media. But! I have been granted permission to show-off some of the details from their big day, and I am so grateful because the details were to die for!

Now on to something that I have never dabbled in before: prom pictures.

This was definitely a different type of experience, and, to be honest, I was a little rusty working with teens. But to give myself credit, I have never shot multiple teens at one time. I mainly just decided to do a cross between an engagement/bridal party/prom session. Needless to say, these kids brought such sweetness to these shots!

Last, but not least, a few adorable shots from my family's get-together this Easter. It is always a pleasure of mine to be able to capture such sweet moments of my constantly growing family. Just imagine when I have my own kids -- whew. Y'all will get real tired, real fast. But until then, you get to see my nieces instead!

In conclusion, I hope that you all had an amazing Easter weekend and that the week after has been just as good. Here's to an excellent Spring full of love and life!

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