A Catch-Up Blog!

OOPS MY BAD. I did not realize I have not posted something in about a MONTH. I am literally the worst.

Okay so, I guess I should catch you all up on the things that have been going on. I promise I have not been slacking in the photography department! Most of my sessions have just been non-blog-able. I mean, really, do you want to see a lot of blogs about houses?

Today's blog is going to catch you up on some of the more blog-able moments; some could deserve their own blog, but it is already taking a lot just to write this one, you guys. And here is WHY I am being such a lazy person this fine Saturday:

School. School is the absolute MAIN reason. If I am not taking pictures, traveling for family functions/more sessions, or working at the library, I am at my desk typing up a paper, making a project, or reading 40+ page chapters (and I get assigned multiple chapters at once). I have 99 days until I graduate with my bachelors, and I am sobbing because it is so close...yet so far.

Complaining over! See? I am even having to keep my rants at a minimum!

Not to worry though, my blogging will get fixed and I will definitely have more to write about in the next coming weeks. Guys...I am slammed. I did not realize that I have a session or two going on every single weekend until the middle of May.

Anxiety is real, but I am so amazed and grateful. Seriously, I cannot thank you all enough for the support and kindness, or even just a look at my website and work. I never thought that I could grow, but sometimes I take a step back and see how much I have learned and applied, which is madness! I have been working on new editing styles, I invested in a new camera, and I am changing. You know those people that say, "Wow, you've changed", like it's a bad thing? They're wrong. Change is GREAT, and I am embracing it.

So now that I have taken up most of your time with my inner-thoughts and fabulous GIFs, here are just a few of the things that have been going on! I will try and keep this as organized as possible.



Local Newspaper

I was even able to help out my coworker with an article of his! It is absolutely amazing; I have attached it for you!

Read the article, An Immigrant’s View From Under the Statue’s Shade, here.

First Birthdays

And that's basically been it! Otherwise, I've done sessions for those would prefer not to be online, and then houses. I've had plenty of meetings for future endeavors, so be on the look out for what is to come!

Thanks for reading, and once again, I promise I will be better over the next few weeks!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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