Danielle + Mike | Engagement at Carver's Creek

I can hear wedding bells!

After starting my first week at the library, it was definitely nice to get out and meet some amazing folks. Starting a new job is never easy, and it is just nice taking a break and doing something that I know how to do. Lucky me that I got to take this breather with such an adorable pair! Danielle and Mike have been together for a very, very long time. They are high school sweethearts and have a precious little boy. They will be tying the knot this spring at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens and I am SO excited (and I just cannot hide it!).

We were worried at first that our planned session would have to be moved because of the weather, but luckily, the sky held out, keeping the sun, but we were able to work with that! I am still so tickled at the results. These two were of course nervous about looking "awkward" but look at them! They're so obviously in love. I just made them get close and magic happened.

Also, lets talk about that RING. Gollum would be all over that precious.

As a winter baby, I am in love with winter aesthetics. Everything may be dead, but it adds a crispness to things. Sure, I love me some flowers, but you can get dark with winter elements and they just make shiny things pop. Contrast--it's amazing. I also have an obsession with dark greens, so I love using these pine trees (because there are billions of them around here). I avoid them during the hot months, but I love them now.

In conclusion, I love these portraits and I am falling in love with this couple. I am beyond thrilled to have been chosen to capture their story and I am probably going to fan-girl at their wedding!

Have an amazing start to your December, ladies and gentlemen! It's hot chocolate and snuggling season!

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