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Happy almost-Thanksgiving! I will be hopping in the car tomorrow and heading north for some Indiana and Michigan Thanksgiving visits. I will also be attempting to listen to an audiobook for the first time...I joined Audible and got Ready Player One with my first free credit, so I am pretty excited about that. Has anyone else read that yet? I've only heard amazing things. Either way, I cannot skip out on "reading" because I have almost reached my reading goal! Only two more to go in order to reach 20 books for the year **NERD ALERT**.

It is hard for me to even talk about my Thanksgiving plans with a session like this being posted. Seriously, a beach session in November? I have very conflicted feelings. Part of me wants to head to Hawaii and part of me wants to get even more excited for hot drinks and potential snow. Either way, this session is one for the books, because I love every single photo.


Rebekah, the gorgeous lady in these photos, has known me since I was a teeny-tiny child. She actually was my babysitter on a couple of occasions. Its times like these when I am thankful for sites like Facebook for keeping people in touch. I was so astounded when she asked for my services. This lady is actually a great photographer. She is able to capture beautiful moments, especially of her sons, and I just love how she can catch those raw moments so seamlessly. So, NO PRESSURE, right? *laughs nervously*

We began our session at the Vereen Gardens in SC, which is lovely, by the way. They have the cutest trees where they hang oyster (clam?) shells. It is like a really beachy version of the love locks of the Pont des Arts. We then proceeded to Sunset Beach for the remainder of the photos, and the kiddos had a blast in the sand and water. God bless these great parents for letting them just do their thing, because I love natural photos and I am so pleased with the results.

McBride family, you were so much fun to work with. Thank you so much for letting me capture these real and precious moments!

I feel that other families should look at this session and remember that, even if your kids do not want to be held, or maybe they just want to run around and splash in some water, beautiful photos can still be taken, and I promise, in the years to come, you will want to relive the moments that scream, "those are my kids, alright!". As I have brought up in other blogs, it is alright to just take a step back and let things happen!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Remember to cherish those raw moments this holiday season and love on the people around you!

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