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Castles. Pride and Prejudice theme music. Crystal crowns. Fall color schemes. Harry Potter and Star Wars references. Incredible people. A recipe for an astounding wedding for two unique and amazing people!

I met Ashley and Chris not too long ago in a little cafe called The Green Bean in downtown Greensboro. I fell in love with them immediately because we talked about Game of Thrones and other fantasy references that automatically make me your best friend if you bring them up around me. Moral of the story, we clicked instantly and I was blessed with being chosen to shoot their special day.

During the getting ready process, we listened to Florence Welch, ate food and had many laughs. The bridal party took me in and, oh, how I wish that they didn't live in Florida! These ladies were some of the best bridesmaids I have ever met. They took their jobs seriously and created a lighthearted and happy bubble around the bride. They carried things, did makeup, and made jokes and cried as little as they could. The ultimate wedding party -- future bridesmaids, take notes!

The venue, Castle McCulloch, is breathtaking. If you're into all things fantasy and live somewhere near Jamestown, NC, I would look this place up. It is magical. There were torches, fountains, bridges, the works.

My favorite part of the day was the reception. This small wedding was made up of movers and shakers and we were not disappointed by the DJ. I myself couldn't keep myself from dancing when The Backstreet Boys began to play. And my face hurt from laughing when Bree (bridesmaid) caught the bouquet and had to receive a lap dance from Richard (groomsman who caught the garter). Absolute GOLD.

You know, I felt like a guest at this wedding, and I don't have a single problem with that. I got to do my job and enjoy doing it. Ashley and Chris (and all who played a part in their day), you two made my job so easy. Thank you for being accommodating and kind! You two have such a great journey ahead of you, filled with absolute magic.

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