Hindt | Maternity Session

Okay, so I am completely biased, but I love babies that are born in the winter time. Although these twins haven't come just yet, they will be here by November and that makes me happy. Why, you ask? Because I am a December baby 1000%. When you're born in the winter, specifically near holidays where families come together and spend a lot of money, you naturally flock to other winter-babies because you all understand one another. You've all been through the one-big-gift thing and the "oh sorry we will be out of town" thing. It's alright, sons and daughters of winter. We get the parties that require just a bit more creativity (automatically making us more creative), and an extra slice of something yummy at the family get-together because we can play our sympathy cards. Okay, end rant on my unfortunate birth-date.

These babies are due to be born around Thanksgiving, so hopefully they won't get the extent of the winter-baby-syndrome. Either way, they are going to be extremely adorable because their parents are marvelous. We had such a blast walking about Carver's Creek (the photo go-to around here) and found some little nooks that I hadn't used just yet! Allison (YES, ANOTHER ALLISON) was a trooper. This park always requires a bit of a hike, but she laced up her tennis shoes and took it like a champ. Moms are invincible, y'all.

Right off the bat, these two hit me with the, "You'll have to pose us for everything because we don't know what we're doing". UM, these two are naturals. No idea what they were talking about. Couples who naturally get comfy and snuggly RULE, and these two are pros at loving one another. They giggled and kissed and just made this photographer happy. You guys are going to love them.

My first fall session was a breeze and I am excited to kick off another great season! Congrats, Hindt family, you guys are going to be a gorgeous and loving family!

#NorthCarolina #Maternity #CarversCreekStatePark

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