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Going back to Richmond always takes me back to the beginning of my photography days. Maymont Park was one of my favorite places to go to take pictures of flowers. It was also one of the first venues that I regularly took portraits of my friends and family. The park is still just as beautiful and I was pleased to have Melissa and John ask me to take their engagement portraits there!

For anyone who is familiar with the park, there are several water-features, and most of the time, they are not on. We were very happy to find that they were all working! I am also proud of any clients that get their pictures done at this park because walking is required--depending on which parts of the park you want to use, it could really be a lot of walking...

but the results are always lovely!

Just a note to anyone wanting to use Maymont though, they do require you to pay a fee to take professional portraits there now. So whether you are using me or another photographer, please remember to go onto the Maymont website and fill out/pay whatever needs to be done before you plan a session there.

For anyone who is like, "But aren't you based in NC?"

The answer is, "Yes! I am!"...but I also love visiting Virginia and am always willing to travel for sessions there. So please, if you know me, or know of me, and want to work with me, I am willing to come to you! I have free accommodations in Southern VA (Thanks, family!), so it makes my travels incredibly easy. The driving doesn't bother me; I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so I became very accustomed to driving everywhere. As long as I have a good playlist going, then I am set for a couple of hours!

I hope that you all enjoy these precious portraits of this amazing couple; they were all giggles, all silly faces, and all natural love.

#Virginia #Couples #MaymontPark

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