Lorena + Carlo | Gender Reveal

So, this blog would have come MUCH sooner, but I kept putting it off due me wondering if it was okay to post these pictures on a bigger social-media scale; I just wanted the couple to announce their baby's gender in their own time! But then I assumed that I had already posted the blog and kept going on with my life?? I don't know, but I apologize because these portraits are everything.

Anyways! I have never been more in love with a gender reveal session. These two love-birds put so much effort and love into the props and location. Lorena had everything and place and I just captured it all! I just love it when clients get really into their sessions, especially when they get so excited to announce something so important! It makes my job so fun, even when you've got 100% humidity and there are ants crawling on everything.

So let's talk about these props. They're amazing. From the entire set up to the little Keds. My favorite part? The pillows. If the baby had been a boy, the pillows and everything else, would have reflected the notorious "boy" color, blue. But because these two found out they will be having a beautiful little girl, everything reflected that...including the pillows! Ahhh! So precious and pure. Although Lorena confessed to going a little Pinterest happy, I do believe that it was her (and her husband's) creativity that really pieced this session together. They are going to have one creative child! I mean, just look at those dream catchers! They made those!

I had an absolute blast working with these two parents-to-be, and I am so excited for the adventure that they are embarking on.

Enjoy their portraits and wish them lots of happiness!!

#Maternity #GenderReveal

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