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I don't know what it is, but I don't get a lot of senior portrait inquiries for guys. Why is that? Do guys not get portraits taken? If so, that is so sad! Guys are fun to work with. Mainly its because in order to make them truly laugh, you have to make a fool of yourself. But not in this senior's case! Andrew was a joy to work with because he was constantly smiling; consistently natural and sunshine-y. I think having his family there to support him played a large role in this, and I am so happy they were there! I love it when seniors include their families.

I wish that I had included my mom or siblings in my senior portraits; they were the ones who encouraged me through all of those tough days from kindergarten to high school (and still continue to push me through college). I cannot thank my mom enough for helping me with countless projects, buying all of those crazy school supplies (tissues, really? Were those for our tears?), driving me to school every day, and telling me to stay home when I was obviously dying but was terrified of missing something.

I think we sometimes get so wrapped up in the amazing-ness of the end of high school and the approaching college days that we forget the people who got us to that point. Therefore, seniors, thank your parents and siblings, and even your friends. And if you want to bring them into your senior portraits, DO IT!

Here are some of my favorites with sweet Andrew. I am so excited for his October session (which will include his mom and dad!). He is totally going to rock his senior year!

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