Kaylah's First Birthday!

First birthdays are so much fun! So many new experiences for little ones to try out. It is a time for discovery and CAKE. I usually tell parents that if they want happy faces during cake-smash portraits, they should give their tots some cake prior to the shoot. But...sometimes I like the look of surprise. These are the moments that are completely genuine and unique; especially when the icing is 1000% disgusting the first time.

Little Kaylah was not sure of me from the very beginning, and totally unsure of what we were trying to get her to do. Poor thing also had to deal with cloudy weather and quick breaks to go and move our cars (thanks to a testy "park ranger" who forgot to close the gates to the parking lot, but I won't be bitter). But she eventually warmed up when she realized that I wasn't all too bad and brought out the smiles! She mainly loved it when mommy was in the pictures with her, but we don't judge. You do you, girlfriend!

But come on. This girl is gorgeous and has the most amazing smile!

This is the moment when she realized that we were totally having fun and that I was actually hilarious.

We all have our favorites, and this just happens to be mine!!! Look at those EYES.

The face she made when she really got a taste!

But its nothing a good game of peek-a-boo cannot cure!

I hope you have the most amazing first birthday, beautiful girl! Maybe one day you will like cake, or you will be like me and turn to cheesecake instead!

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