Jasmine + Cody | Greensboro, NC

I feel like a lot of pressure is put on a couple when they want to tie the knot. Big weddings or ceremonies are expected, but sometimes, are not necessary. In reality, a marriage is not determined by how many guests you have or how big your cake is. Sometimes you don't need to get all DIY-creative to please your social media following.

As the Beatles put it, "All you need is love. Love is all you need."

The same applies to the beginning of a beautiful marriage.

Jasmine and Cody demonstrated just how marvelous a courthouse wedding can be! The two radiated their excitement for their new journey together. They were joined by their two good friends who served as their witnesses.

Greensboro served as the backdrop to these momentous moments. Although there was a lot of construction going on, you couldn't even tell. These two love-birds only had eyes for one another anyways, so none of the city noises ruined our day. And although rain was expected, nothing but clouds came, providing perfect lighting for these portraits. All-in-all, a great day.

I am so thrilled for these two, and I am even more giddy that they chose me to capture their special day. I absolutely love big weddings, but intimate ones like these are probably my favorite. It allows the couple ample moments to let it sink in that they just got married.

Everyone has their own way of celebrating, and all weddings are beautiful. I am just so happy to have a job where I get to experience different types and the couples that match them!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Jasmine and Cody's big day, and, as always, thanks for reading!

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