Baby Nora | Knightdale, NC

Oh. My. Goodness.

I love babies. I especially love it when babies are absolute sweet, sleeping angels throughout their entire session. Baby Nora was a little fairy baby and I was completely put under any magical spell she cast upon me. Just look at her! Ah!

I will try to compose myself. *Deep breath*

This incredible session happened because of gift certificate that was given to Nora's mommy at her baby shower. How amazing is that kind of gift? I love it when people get creative!

When Nora was born, I was able to get to her while she was still a sleepy and tiny baby. The perfect window for newborn portraits.

We kept the house close or above eighty degrees, and although that makes us adults sweat profusely, it helped keep this little one in sweet slumber for a majority of the session. That with a combination of lots and lots of milk beforehand! Thanks, mom!

There really is not too much more to say. These portraits speak for me. I am in total newborn-mode though; send me more newborn session inquiries!

#Kids #Newborn

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