JMU Senior: Lauren


Yes, this was a very long drive for me. But I have never enjoyed a drive more.

With my extensive background in speeding on back roads and dare-deviling my way around turns, this was a leisurely Sunday (even though it was Thursday) drive. I loved it. The views made it 1000% better.

Can you say, "MOUNTAINS"? Because there are lots of them. And I'm obsessed.

If you haven't been in the Charlottesville/Harrisonburg area, I recommend you pack the car up right now and go.

Why the trip? For a gorgeous senior of course!

My cousin Lauren is graduating from James Madison University and I am THRILLED for this girl. She has worked so hard, and not even just through college. I won't go into her entire back story, but just know that she has overcome a lot.

Oh, and she is majorly talented in her artwork. I know it will take her places and I am excited to finally have an excuse to visit some major city, because that is where she is going to end up.

Any Attack On Titan fans?

Lauren, you're an absolute star! We (your family) are all so proud of you and the person you have become.

Thank you for inviting me to your home-away-from-home and making me feel so welcome!

Congrats again!

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