It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding.

"It's a nice day to start again. It's a nice day for a white wedding."

-Billy Idol

How do you get asked to take portraits at a white wedding, for the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. White, and not sing this song in your head (or out loud)? Simply impossible!

I was given the honor of taking portraits for someone I have known since I became best friends with her little sister in K5. I have watched Meredith grow into such a rainbow of personality. She's the type of person that doesn't just sparkle on her own; she helps others find the best in themselves as well and encourages their inner sparkle too.

At their consultation, I finally met Crisman. I knew in an instant that they were a perfect match and that their wedding would be perfection.

Of course, I am never wrong. The wedding was dazzling. There were so many colors and antiques and different components that just make your eyes dance. Although the venue had to be moved last minute, everyone made it work. This couple had so many loving helpers, family and friends who made this wedding happen, and I would also like to give them a shout-out for making things easier on me as well (thanks for the ample amounts of water, guys!).

The wedding took place on 7.7.2017, as was planned by the couple many moons ago. The venue was supposed to take place in Suffolk, Virginia, but instead was moved to the building for Redemption Ministries in Prince George, Virginia due to weather concerns. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and I do believe that this was a good move for this wedding.

So lets get to the pictures, because I know that you are all dying to see them!

I regret that I cannot post all of the photos that I took, because I took A LOT, but I will show off my personal favorites.


Can you say charming?

Who knew some peacock feathers could make such amazing backdrops?

The cake was actually made by the groom's sister! She did a fabulous job!

The Bride

The Groom

Bridal Party

Are you ready for some fierce ladies? Because the bridesmaids in this wedding are 1000% slaying.

And you cannot forget the adorable adult-flower girl!


Let's roll out the gents and their fancy socks!

One of my favorites with dad, honestly.

Because not all wedding-day pictures need to be serious!

Come Together

Mr. + Mrs. White

Ceremony + Reception

Best wishes go out to these two love-birds!

Thank you again for letting me play such an important role on your colorful and sun-shiny day!

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