Zoe + Rowen : Hopewell, VA

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Father's Day!

I wish that I had some cute daddy-pictures to post, but I'd rather post some kiddie pictures! I took a quick trip to VA starting on Wednesday and ending yesterday. I only expected a wedding while I was in town, but was blessed with an opportunity to shoot for two little girls that are too precious for words.

I have known their daddy since I was born, and I have been able to watch these little girls grow up and blossom.

Kids sessions are always unpredictable, especially when you've got a toddler and a not-even-one year old. In my own experience, you cannot come into the session with any expectations. You roll with the punches and capture kids as they are; which, in my opinion, creates the best results. Kids are too full of life not to capture it. I feel like some parents make that mistake; they see pictures on Pinterest and expect their kids to do the same thing (this is some parents I have met, not all). But most parents understand their kids and want to preserve who they are. These are my favorite people to work with. Yeah, that might make me sound snooty, but its an honest feeling. A no-stress, joyful, and playful atmosphere is what I want to provide during my kid/family sessions. Sue me!

Anywho, here are two angels that I know you are going to LOVE.

Happy babies, happy sisters, and one happy photographer!

Sometimes we have to use dirt, sticks, tickle threats and dance moves to bring out the smiles, but it brings out the best.

I had such a blast with these beautiful little ladies, and I am excited for all of the summer portraits to come!

Have a great week, everyone! Have as much fun as these two and smile for the little moments and every good thing in your life!

#Kids #Virginia #Hopewell

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