"Our dad asked, and my mom said yes!"

As previously mentioned, I love Spring. This season gets overlooked, for most are anticipating Summer and ignore the importance of it. But Spring not only brings sweet babies to "ooh" and "ahh" over! It also brings blossoms of love. I ADORE engagement sessions, but ones like these are truly special.

These types of love stories are very similar to Spring, in regards to how overlooked they are. Not all wedding stories are two youngins getting hitched. Sometimes, actually, a lot of times, the two about to tie the knot have previously tied the knot before, or just simply started their families early. I hear a lot of people say, "Oh, they come with baggage." Personally, I hate that. My own mother had three kids when she began looking for love after my dad, and it was a struggle for her to find someone who would not only invite her into their life, but three whippersnappers to boot. And although we were awesome, we were still kids, and I feel like a lot of people don't give enough credit to those who are trying to merge two families together. It is NOT easy, but it is so wonderful in the end. I know this from experience, because when my mom remarried, she welcomed three other "children" into her (and our) life. Now everyone is having babies and there are so many of us, but we all learned to get along and demonstrate true bonds with one another.

So when Will and Stacy came to me inquiring about my services, I was SO EXCITED. Why? Because they thought of their children. They are parenting the right way. They know that what their kids think is important. Therefore, when taking their engagement portraits, of course the kiddos needed to be included!!

If you must know, those donuts are from Sugar Shack, and I myself had never tasted their treats until this session (thanks, Will!), but I am not a believer. Go get some donuts, guys!

But how sweet is this family to be? I adored working with them all, and these kids did a fantastic job!

So on to the two who are merging these two families together! We were so lucky to get through Maymont Park without completely melting, and these two were troopers. Every time I shoot at Maymont, I feel like I am really getting a workout.

Anyways! Here are the fun love-birds who made my job incredibly simple.

Overall, it was a lovely day with one beautiful couple and family-to-be! Cannot wait until their wedding day!

#Engagement #Family #MaymontPark

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