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When one of your best friends is a full-time photographer and pro-traveler, it was only a matter of time before she agrees to take you along with her. After lots of jokes about hiding me away in her luggage, I guess she got the hint that I needed to tag along. We began our planning at the end of 2016, and the big adventure finally began on April 24th of this year! We just got back on the 5th of this month, so yes, this is fresh. But I don't want to forget any details (...or just keep putting this off until it becomes irrelevant). So, aren't you all lucky! You get to get a peek into my British holiday. I would normally just make a slideshow for my family, but some of the pictures I took were just too lovely to keep a secret.

Well, it all began in London. Honestly, I'm not much of a city girl. I grew up on a farm and stayed there until I was married off and sent to life in the suburbs. It is still awkward for me to have any interaction with my neighbors. And despite multiple trips to Manhattan, I was not prepared for this city. As far as cities go, it is not shabby. You hear a lot of bias and rumors when you're in the states, but my own opinion is that the buildings are beautiful and the weather was better than what I have experienced in Detroit -- so not bad, not bad. I know I will get a lot of, "but omg! London is THE BEST PLACE EVER", and a lot of you will totally judge me for not completely falling in love with London. I must remind you, once more, that I am a country mouse. I will always be a country mouse. I will love visiting cities, but my heart is in the countryside. But that will come later. In conclusion for the stunning London, I loved its food, it architecture, and its culture. If the city was empty and quiet, then I would have loved it more. But once again, that is a biased person speaking; you must go there yourself. OH, and you should be super tourists and go to the Warner Bros Studio Tour. As a native Ravenclaw, I give it a rating of two wands up.

Now comes the part that makes my soul happy.

I had mentioned previously that I am a country dumpling, and that was so apparent when we escaped to the British countryside. I want to move there. I want to live in a small village. I want to walk my dog past a field speckled with sheep. I want to eat at the local pub every night. That quiet, simple life is all me.

We visited several spots in the country; the Cotswolds, Bath, and Highclere (and several small places in-between).

We were on kind of a hunt for Jane Austen film locations, and who could blame us.

We found everything we were looking for and more, and we also attended a jousting event.

So here are the homes and gardens that we visited, and I recommend that you all do the same one day.

The Cotswolds:

The most darling villages and houses. You will find yourself taking a million photos because everything is so charming.

Next came Blenheim Palace and Bath. Both so beautiful. Bath is where I got to walk in the shadow of Jane Austen and experience some of the places that she visited in her short livelihood there.

On our way to Highclere, we made a visit to two special places: Stourhead and Wilton House.

Both were locations for Jane Austin films, for example, Stourhead held the dreamy/steamy failed proposal in the rain scene between Darcy and Elizabeth (in the 2005 version). You can spend hours in the gardens; I took so many pictures of flowers alone!

The last two homes that we visited were Highclere Castle and Basildon. Anyone recognize Highclere? Yeah. That's Downton Abbey. *Jitters with joy*

Basildon is also pretty fantastic, considering it was Netherfield in Pride and Prejudice. The fangirl in me is so happy and content!

We finished off the trip back in London, where we attended Wicked and ate even more delicious food. I unfortunately got a sinus infection, so I had to spend some time in bed, but luckily I got everything I had wanted to do checked off of my list!

All-in-all, I adored England. It was as picturesque as I had imagined. And although I love taking adventures, I also love being home with my family and friends. Time to get back to business!

Thanks for reading! I left out a LOT of details, but I wanted to share a glimpse of the dreamy England that I enjoyed so much.

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!


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