Easter Weekend 2017

Ah, Spring. There is nothing better. I absolutely love the rainy days, the flowers, and, of course, a burst of color and life. This past weekend was Easter weekend, and boy was my little family kept busy. I was first granted the privilege to work with the Raval family again! They just recently welcomed a new baby girl. She is absolutely lovely, and like many babies do, she loves to sleep...except when it is time to take pictures! Sometimes, getting young kids together can come with small windows of opportunity, but we were able to grab some heart-throb gems.

Look at those brand new siblings! They were all smiles when I asked them if they loved their new little sister. I have the exact same dynamic in my old family, and I am the baby sister. I THINK my siblings were excited when I arrived...but sometimes I think my mom just tells me that to make me feel good about myself. I tell you what, though. I did not have pictures like this with my brother and sister.....

When the siblings had enough of their modeling time, the little one actually fell asleep (of course!). But remember how I praised Spring so much? Here is why!

I am in love with her! And the azaleas frame her angelic-self so perfectly.

So back to talking about my siblings. Because it was Easter weekend, I was able to see my family! And as many of you may not know, my family has grown a lot over the last few years. My brother now has two sweet girls (who are growing like weeds), and my sister just had a baby a month ago! So much love in this auntie's heart!

I only bring up my sweet nieces because I was able to capture some adorable shots of a few. Here are my sweet girls, doing what they do best.

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend. We all celebrate the holiday differently, but it is a day to come together with our friends and family and find comfort in one another's love. I, surely, got to experience that this weekend. I am thankful and so, so blessed.

Until next time, friends!

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