Mucha Inspired Shoot | Dinwiddie, VA

Kaitlyn is one of my favorite individuals to take portraits of. For starters, her hair is always a different color. She is my beta fish/chameleon friend, and I adore her. She is also always up for taking pictures, and I have no disputes against this whatsoever. When thinking of ideas as to what we should theme our shoot, the original idea was to a do mermaid one. Everyone loves mermaids. But, alas, the only time we could take pictures fell on an oddly random cold weekend. Therefore, to prevent Kaitlyn from getting hypothermia, we decided to go a different route.

In comes Mucha. I have always wanted to do a shoot based off of his beautiful artwork. I just never really knew how to go about doing it. All I knew was that it needed a flower crown, and with the help of Kaitlyn and some tools from Michael's and JoAnn Fabric, we were able to construct our vision.

For any of you who are not familiar with Mucha, his work looks like this:

If we had enough time to create something even as extreme and fabulous as this, we totally would have. But life happens and we worked with what we had. But despite any changes we would have made, I still think that our results were still to my liking.

Simple, yet elegant. Oh, and let's not forget the total icing on the cake.

Kaitlyn, who is an art history major at VCU, is phenomenal at designing things. That is such a bad way of describing her talents (because she can also draw, paint, take pictures, and do incredible makeup), but I am not fantastic at describing art in general. BUT. I am a photographer, therefore, I let pictures do the talking. So here you are...


I do believe Mucha himself would be proud.

Once again, I am so thrilled at how this shoot turned out. And I cannot thank Kaitlyn enough for holding up through the bad weather (poor thing was frozen by the end). But we were able to finish the night by seeing the new Beauty and the Beast (which is great - go see it). Therefore, it was a great day, with a great person...who is mad talented. Maybe one day we will grace all of you mermaid-lovers with some sparkly magic portraits this summer (when Kaitlyn can get into the water without dying). Xoxo,


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