Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding COVID-19:

+ I will be wearing a mask at all times, which means I will probably have to speak quite loudly (bear with me).

+ I do ask that clients wear a mask up until we start taking portraits.

+ I will not work weddings where safety measures are not put into place (mainly large/indoor weddings that go against CDC guidelines).

+ I will not work for anyone who has just come from out of state that has not followed proper quarantine/testing procedures.

+ I will not work for anyone who is sick or has been around anyone who has been sick.

+ If clients become sick or come into contact with a sick person between the time that they book and the day of their session, I would be happy to reschedule.

+ For tourist clients only: Refunds of the retainer fee will be offered up to 2 weeks of your session. This will end once the pandemic is over.


Is there a deposit/retainer fee for booking?


Yes, there is. The deposit will be half of your session price. This is required so that your date will be set in stone. The remainder of the session fee will be due on the day of your session. 


Weddings are a different story. To book your wedding date, $500.00 is the required retainer fee, and it is non-refundable.


Do you charge a travel fee?


I do if it calls for it. For locations over 50 miles, I charge $0.50 per mile. If any accommodations are required, that would also be put into travel fees.

Do you edit all of your photographs?


I do! That is actually one of the best parts of the job. I love playing with color and making your portraits sparkle (not literally, but I could if you'd like...). I edit each portrait individually; not in bulk. Therefore each portrait is hand-crafted and given special attention. The edited portraits are also the only ones that you would receive in your gallery. 


How will I receive my portraits?


Every session/wedding comes with an online gallery. Once all of your photos have been taken and edited, I will upload them to the gallery and email them to you and only you. Once you have this gallery, along with any PINs and passwords provided, you may share your album with family and friends. Please note that you (and whomever you give the album information to) should download the album ASAP. The online album will only remain accessible for three months. 


What should I wear?


It really depends on your session type. I always encourage your individual style, but sometimes neutral colors and patternless outfits work the best. I can always send mood boards to you for inspiration as well!


How far in advance do I need to book my session? 


Preferably, I would love sessions booked weeks, if not months, in advance. Every date is up for grabs without a retainer fee paid or contract signed and it is not my job to hold a date for anyone without the proper steps taken. At the minimum, I need sessions booked at least a week before the session. Weddings, though, should always be booked months in advance.


Do you do studio portraits?


I do not have a studio, so that would be a no. I do everything outdoors (unless the client has an indoor location available).


What is your turn-around time?


It varies on my work schedule! My average turn-around time is less than a week, but it can range up to three depending on my workload and the size of the galleries. I try to get things back to my clients as swiftly as possible, but I also want to make sure that they are perfect! 


Can we get the RAW files?


That would be a NO, my friends. As stated in a previous paragraph, you will only receive the edited portraits, which are JPEG. The files are large, though. So you will be able to blow them up into beautiful canvases and prints!





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