What is a consultation?


"Consultation" is a fancy word. What this actually is is just a casual meeting with me. It is a time to get to know one another, which is always easier in person (or through video chat) than communicating strictly through email, phone call, or text.


When would I need to set one up?


These meetings are not a requirement for every type of session. In a nutshell, they're for anyone booking me for a major event (weddings, etc.). I like to have these meetings as soon as possible so that we have time to figure out if we are a match! 


What should I expect during my consultation?


Snacks and good conversation over the span of at least an hour! It will be a time where I will ask you questions about your event/big day. With potential wedding clients, I would want to get to know what makes your love story so awesome! I want to know what your plans are so that I can envision what you want from your photographer. We would then go over the business side of things: the contracts and packages. Going over these in person clears up any questions that you may have for me, because, let's be honest, reading contracts can sometimes be overwhelming.


Should I bring anything?


Just your ideas and questions! This is not a time to make any final decisions. You will leave with hand-outs and will have a chance to read everything over in your own time. Remember, this is a time to get to know me and how I do business. 


Where would we meet?


I have made it a rule that anyone interested in a consultation must travel to Sanford. If the drive it too much, we can always video chat. We would meet at my favorite coffee shop (Jitterbugz), but I am always open to other locations if we needed to meet on a Sunday (when Jitterbugz is unfortunately closed). 


Out-of-state consultations (specifically Virginia), could only take place when I am visiting. Otherwise, video chats are encouraged.

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